Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fruits and Vegetables

Recently, my mother suggested I grow a fruit and vegetable garden.  My sister and I each planted our own small garden.
Here is a picture of my garden. (photo by me)

 I was so excited that I felt like boasting to my sister "I'm going to take care of my garden better than you are!"  I suddenly realized that would be too presumptuous, so I kept my mouth shut.  It was really fun to start my garden.

 First, I woke up early in the morning, and my mom and I went to Home Depot to buy plants and mulch      ( mulch is a protective covering placed over soil to maintain moisture and improve the soil ).  I decided to plant cucumber, strawberries, pumpkin, corn, and artichoke. My favorite fruit is the strawberry, and my favorite vegetable is the cucumber.  Daily, I have to water all of  the fruits and vegetables in my garden.                                                              

                                          Here is a picture of me watering my garden. (photo by my mom)                                  

I can't wait to eat the fresh and organic food from my garden.

Do you have a garden, if so what are the fruits or vegetables in it? 
Do you like fruits and vegetables?


  1. Dear Alexandra,

    I really like your new post about gardening. When you were talking about all the things that you were planting, I remembered that story we read about making a community garden. Remember Mr. Yost? :-)

    Last year, I tried to grow corn. It thought it would be fun to grow this grain because the plants are so interesting. Sadly, it did not do very well. In fact, I did not get a single cob. I hope your plants yield more than mine did! The yield is the full amount produced.

    Did your sister plant the same vegetables?

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog! I do remember that Mr. Yost and some other children worked hard to create a garden, and I also remember that Mr. Yost was planting zucchini. I have been told that growing corn takes up a lot of space. My sister and I did not plant the same fruits and vegetables.


  2. I am 59 years old and just started vegetable gardening about a year ago. You are right it is really fun. I had some trouble with my watermelon plants and my strawberries though. They grew well for me, but I learned that squirrels like to eat them too!. The squirrels ate ALL of my fruit before I got to taste any!

    I found that squirrels do NOT like to eat green peppers or Brussels Sprouts. I had Brussels Sprouts for dinner tonight. They are little, but they taste better than ANY I have tasted from the store.

    I hope you get a good crop, and that you get to eat some of what you grow.

    1. Dear Holly,

      It really must be a bummer that the squirrels ate all your fruit before you got to taste any. I hope that the squirrels don't eat my fruits and vegetables! My guess was that squirrels do not like vegetables they only fruits. I belive that I did grow some good crops, and I planted all the fruits and vegetables that I liked.


  3. I forgot to mention that I live in Orlando, Florida.

  4. Dear Alexandra
    I do have a vegetable garden, but it has been taken over by raspberry plants which I let grow wild. Sadly, last year Mr Mckenzie pruned the raspberries without really knowing how to do it, so this summer we only got a small bag of berries. Needless to say, this year I have done the pruning myself!

    We also have two small planter boxes in the lawn where we now grow a few veges each summer. I usually grow some lettuce varieties, some tomatoes, baby spinach, and we even managed to grow corn. (Do you think I should give Mrs Yollis some handy hints?)

    Last year we had a school garden and community people came in to help the children. Unfortunately it hasn't continued this year. Maybe we will get it growing ago after the winter.

    Good luck with your plants. I hope you turn out to have 'green fingers'.

    Mrs McKenzie in New Zealand

  5. Dear Alexandra,

    Well done that you and your sister have started your very own garden. I really feel this is a wonderful way to get out and about and learn about how to grow your very own veggies.

    When I lived on a farm we did grow heaps of our own veggies which was fun. However the best bit was watching them grow and then finally eating your rewards. Home grow veggies tasted so good.
    Also we had heaps of fruits trees growing around our farm. For example apples,pears,cherries and nectarines. I remember when I used to get dropped of from school, walking home I would pick the fruit of the tree and munched on it while I would walk home. YUMMY!

    Enjoy your wonderful garden and happy growing Alexandra.

    From your friend,

  6. Dear Alexandra,

    Thank you for sharing your garden with us. Gardening can not only be a good hobby, if you plant fruits and vegetables, you're able to eat what you grow.

    You are probably correct when you say you would be presumptuous by claiming you were going to take better care of your garden than your sister. It's best to concentrate on your own garden and see how productive it can be.

    I have answered your questions in an extended comment so I can share some photos of the garden in my yard.


    Keep gardening. Before long you'll be eating what your produce.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  7. Dear Alexzandra,

    I would like to grow fruits and vegetebles in my backyard, but if I do my dogs will eat them. I used to have five lemon trees in my backyard, but then I moved to a different house. My favorite thing about having lemon trees was going and picking fresh and juicy lemons, and making lemonade with my mom.

    My three favorite fruits are strawberries, grapes, and oranges, and my three favorite veggies are carrots, broccoli and esparagus. My mom says that if I don't eat my fruits and vegetebles, I will be in big trouble because she wants me to stay healthy.

    Your friend,